TestTerrianLighting problems

Hi, had a look at this this afternoon, it looks pretty good, I'm especially happy about the way terrain is handled, will make my uni project alot easier with having such simple access to the mesh data.

One problem, I run the TestTerrianLighting class and get a few problems:

INFO G3DSystem 21:30:26 Running on jMonkeyEngine 0.16
INFO AssetManager 21:30:26 ContentManager created.
INFO LwjglDisplay 21:30:30 Using LWJGL 2.2.0
INFO LwjglDisplay 21:30:30 Selected display mode: 640 x 480 x 0 @0Hz
INFO LwjglDisplay 21:30:30 Display created.
INFO LwjglDisplay 21:30:30 Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
INFO LwjglDisplay 21:30:30 Renderer: Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI/PCI/SSE2
INFO LwjglDisplay 21:30:30 Adapter: vga
INFO LwjglDisplay 21:30:30 Driver Version: null
INFO LwjglDisplay 21:30:30 OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
INFO LwjglDisplay 21:30:30 GLSL Ver: 1.20 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
INFO LwjglTimer 21:30:30 Timer resolution: 1000 ticks per second
INFO Camera 21:30:30 Camera created (W: 640, H: 480)
INFO LwjglMouseInput 21:30:30 Mouse created.
INFO LwjglKeyInput 21:30:30 Keyboard created.
INFO Node 21:30:31 Child (BitmapFont) attached to this node (Gui Node)
INFO Node 21:30:31 Child (Terrain) attached to this node (Root Node)
INFO LwjglRenderer 21:30:31 shader link success.
Fragment info

0(95) : warning C7050: "outSpecular-0009" might be used before being initialized
0(94) : warning C7050: "outDiffuse-0009" might be used before being initialized

WARNING LwjglRenderer 21:30:31 Uniform g_WorldMatrix is not declared in shader.

The card is a Nvidia Quadro FX3450, which has drivers upto OpenGL 3.1, so it shouldn't be having any problems, but it strikes me if it isn't picking up gl_WorldMatrix uniform, that's maybe why I can't see anything but the fps text :)

I'm no expert with shaders, so I thought I'd mention it before diving in and causing myself a mess, any ideas what this could be down to?

Ah cool, no probs :slight_smile:

This test isn't working right now, due to some issues with terrain generation I assume. The messages you're getting in the log are just warnings, they will come up in other tests like TestSimpleLighting as well.