Text and Font in LWJGL directly

In some of the code I've been porting over from jogl I've got text intermeshed with ogl… now, in jogl this isn't a big deal, the GLUT library allows me to use bitmaps and other things directly inside the opengl layer.

Does anyone know of a part of JME that will allow me to display text inside the OGL layer?

This could be a way to get out of the OGL layer (a command like Display.GET OUT OF OGL – which i'm very sure doesn't exist :D) or a way to use the Text object inside of OGL.

I don't think there's a way to do it, but any help would be appreciated.

I'd like to avoid porting code, but I will if I have to.



i'm not sure i understand what you mean (i suppose that's also the reason nobody responded until now). could you explain a bit more?  :expressionless:

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Renanse is working on one part of this, kind of.

The issue is that I want to use text while I'm inside the openGL calls.  I can't use the Text object in jme b/c it won't "jive" with the OGL calls.  It is possible that when Renanse finishes his changes to the invalidateStates portion that I'll find a workaround to use Text in the OGL area.

I was hoping for a Font or Text object that is jme that can be used with OGL without having to rewrite a set of code like those from the LWJGL forums… or Kev Glass' code to work with JME.

I didn't want to do work that had already been done.

then i'm afraid i can't help much, specially because i don't know what you are doing with the text. sorry.

are you sure you have to do it that way? the refactoring might be worth the effort.  :expressionless:

The Text itself is integrated with the OGL.  I was hoping that there was a way to turn off GL and then turn it on so I could use both, but that isn't possible.

I've done the refactoring, and it works ok.  Once Renanse' change is in then I can test it fully with JME

i'm glad to hear that you managed to fix it :slight_smile:

FYI:  The ability to reset jme's opengl tracking just went in today.  Please test and comment.  Also, please excuse this message as it will be crossposted at least once.