Text field bug when typing more text that fits

I have the following xml code for my custom control:


<panel childLayout=“horizontal” align=“left” width=“100%”


<control id=“chat-text-input” name=“textfield” width=“85%”

height=“25px” />

<control id=“chat-text-button” name=“button” label=“send”

width=“15%” height=“25px”>

<interact onClick=“sendText()” />




The bug is that, when I start entering text in the chat-text-input all starts out working just fine. But when I get to the end of the textfield, the text doesn’t scroll. The cursor just proceeds to go to the left, out of the bounds of the textfield.

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Just tried that with JME3 finally and could reproduce the issue as well as track it down to a missing method in the jme Nifty RenderFont together with Momoko_Fan who will fix it!

Thanks for bugging me with this Ractoc :wink: I really should have checked this earlier with the JME renderer …


Fixed in SVN


That’s good news, I’ll try that later today. Thanx for the quick fix guys.

Sweet, I had noticed this a while back: http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/gui/forum/topic/trouble-with-nifty-textfield-in-jmonkey-program/

Glad its fixed now, I will try it sometime when I download another nightly build and upload it to my maven repo.