Text outline? (So white text on white background becomes visible.)


Is there a way to add an outline to my BitmapText? I want my text to be visible even if it happens to get on top of white background.

You can’t.
Usually what is done is to add the outline in the bitmap font itself, or add a semi transparent black background to the text (like what is done for the stat view)

How would I add it to a bitmap font? What is the format of the png file? Transparent for everything that is not part of a letter, and whatever colors we like for the letters? Or is it just grayscale?

We have a plugin in the sd kthat generates a bitmap font from a system font. You have some control over what it generates, but basically that’s a png file with an transparent background and white letters, and a fnt file that is a text format.
You can edit this png in any image editor. So you can change the color, add an outline, or anything you fancy.

@nehon ok will have to try it out. Thank you!