Text2D getting the better of me

I'm, unfortunately, being beated by Text2D right now  :oops:

I just can't get it to render! The code I have used so far…

---->      label = new Text2D(new Font2D(),"This is a test!", 12f, 0);

And then I even added it to a node which was set to render Ortho? Ideas?

Use BitmapText. Take a look at TestBitmapText in the jmeteset package.

Ok good! so that works, but I have a 3D object in the background and whenever i move the camera such that the text is 'over' the 3D object, the text looks really bad quality ?

If I had to put it in terms that can be understood. You know when they send Ransom letters in movies and they cut out different letters from magazines to spell out words…? It looks like that when 'on top' of the 3D object.