Text2D problem

Hi guys,

I have been scouring the forums for an answer, but all the suggestions don't appear to be working.

Very simple. I want to attach some Text2D to my HUD. Various configurations later, and I'm still just seeing a white box (see attached image below). Here is the code:

    private void testText() {
        Text2D t2d = new Text2D(new Font2D(), "TEST :-)", 10, 0);
        t2d.setDefaultColor(new ColorRGBA(1f, 1f, 0f, 1f));
        t2d.setLocalTranslation(200, 200, 0);


I am also trying an updateRenderState() in the "update()" method, just in case.... No good!

This seems such a straightforward thing to do, and yet it's completely failing me... HELP!!!

Well I never did find the solution to this, but did manage to move on to BitmapFont which seems to do all I need.