Textfield change to originalText

I got an issue with nift guty textfield.
The field is initialized in a nifty xml file and looks like this:
<control id=“inField” name=“textfield” text=“Original Text” width=“40%” maxLength=“25” />

In bind() i give the textfield a new text. Like this:

    Element element = nifty.getCurrentScreen().findElementByName("textfield#field#text");
    TextRenderer textRenderer = element.getRenderer(TextRenderer.class);
    textRenderer.setText("new Text");

If i open start the screen with the textfield the text says “new Text”.
At first click(and only after first) of textfield the text change to “Original Text”.
How can i avoid this behavior? I never want to see the Original Text i just want to edit “new Text”
I have seen the original Text is stored in the TextRenderer but
its immutable also i see no possibility to change the TextRenderer.

Thx for your Help!


I found the solution for this Problem

nifty.getCurrentScreen().findControl(“tf_inField”, TextFieldControl.class).setText(“new Text”);

fix this.