Texture + alpha map + texture = possible?

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In jME, is it possible to blend one texture on top of another relatively easily?

The scenario is as follows - I have two textures and an alpha map.

My first texture is my base layer.

My second texture needs to be overlaid with varying levels of transparency by referencing my alpha map.

I had a quick look at 'AM_COMBINE' which I suspect has something to do with it, but there was limited documentation.

Any advice would be much appreciated!  :slight_smile:

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Search these forums and you'll find an example.  This has been a topic of discussion at least once.


I've already been down that road and couldn't find anything. but apologies if I missed it!

check out com.jmex.terrain.util.ProceduralSplatTexture


ProceduralSplatTexture is an extension of the ProceduralTexture. It provides the capability to overlay one or more textures on a ProceduralTexture. To define a splat texture layer an alpha map and texture map are provided and the final overlay texture is calculated by using the alpha map to add the texture map color to the existing ProceduralTexture.

good luck

That's not real time splatting, it's a pregenerated texture.

There's actually a lack of a good tutorial for texture combining in jME. Even just for OpenGL I haven't been able to find a good one. I could use one myself to be honest :slight_smile:

If I figure it out, I shall post something on the forum!  :smiley:

You might use something like MW3D to pop in your textures and then play with the settings until you get the desired results.  I know, not an informed way of doing things, but sometimes that's the quickest method.  hehe.

this old splatting document shows how to blend in a texture based on an alpha texture


it’s direct3d, but it’s an easy conversion to opengl…

Can you give an example on how this can be done in jME?

I'm currently trying to do that, but I cannot load the shader program.