Texture Baking/Blender UV Specular Map issues?

Hey all, just wondering if anyone else encountered this problem

Anyways i’m using procedurally generated textures, and baking them to UV Maps (if anyone wants to know how to do this i can explain, it is pretty simple) and then using the SDK to convert them to j3o. It looks right when i render it in blender, then when i bring it into the scene explorer, the texture looks right, but it is very shiny, like it is ignoring any specular map and supplying a default or something.

Anyone else run into this, and have a solution for it?

Just create a new “j3m” material and apply it to your geometry. Blender importer creates its own shader.

So i can’t use the material from blender using this method?

You can. But if you have some issues, so you should use jme material. just create “j3m” material file or make a new material in your code.

I always create a new material in my code.