Texture coordinates are not accurate

Hi everyone,

I want to unify multiple small textures to a big one, assign it to a few geometries and merge them together using the GeometryBatchFactory,

so currently I am doing some experiments with setting the texturecoordinates manually.

Sadly (I guess because of “texture smoothing”) the colors from pixels right next to my coordinates seem so merge into my selected texture areas borders.

This picture should explain the problem ^^


Is there a way to disable this “texture smoothing”?

You can create small 1 pixel or 2 pixel borders between each texture in your larger texture. However due to mipmapping you might still have the issue, so if you’re generating the texture manually, you might as well also generate its mipmaps such that the distances between the small textures remain constant (up to a certain point). Disabling mipmapping or the “smoothing” will cause a performance loss so its not recommended.

Thanks Momoko, i doubled the borders of my sub textures, now everything is fine :slight_smile: