Texture culling/transparent

textures in gui not working correctly. Imgur
i tried different view ports and layers, fiddling with the z and different texture still doing it.
any thoughts?

The textures work fine,

BUT gui is 2D, not 3d, it wont work that way, as the depth is missing.

Use a secondary viewport with render to texture 8see the tests for an example, then use the redertexture in the gui.

Yes, what empire says. For whatever reason, when rendering the gui viewport’s z is scaled to 0… so in the final render there is literally no depth processing done at all, everything is drawn in render order.

Z values are only used to sort the objects in the guiNode. The depth buffer doesn’t work like you’d expect in the guiNode and therefore it is pretty useless for rendering 3D objects.

ok thanks. i figured it would have to be some sort of work around.

Thanks got it figured out now. Took me a little while to get the transparent viewport working around the multiple camera resets that I do during the game, bit got it in the end.
Looks heaps better. Still slight flickering any thoughts?

Does the model have proper tangents generated, else lighting might have problems? (either external in model programm or via TangentbinominalGenerator possible)?

also, i can see in your second picture that you are turning the model and not the view. Most of time it doesn’t make a difference, but here you are using particles and when you model turns we actually see it, the illusion is broken. But matbe it was what you wanted to do.

The solution to fix this is obviously to turn the camera instead of moving the model.