Texture direction

If i apply a texture on a sphere it is rendered about the z axis, is there a way to change that, so it is render about the y axis? The image shows the problem. I don't want to rotate the object where the texture is rendered on.

Why don't you want to rotate the object? Thats the only way.

Because other rotation operation to that object will behave relative to the rotation, made only for the texture.

So thx, i found a way. I must have a parent object to rotate, then it's irrelevant if the inner geometry with the texture has a rotation. I only thought there would be a way to make things easier, without having parents only for the texture.

modify the texture would be the other option

I read the material doc of momoko_fan, there is written about "Flip" of the texture, is that another possibility or did i misunderstand that?

->"Optionally, the path can be prefixed with the

word "Flip" in order to flip the image along the Y-axis, this may be needed for some models."

This is probably not going to help you. The reason it happens is because the sphere mesh is created in such way that the poles appear along the Z axis instead of the Y axis.

Perhaps you could apply the texture to the sphere geometry, rotate the geometry to get the desired result, attach the geometry itself to a empty node and rotate the node instead :slight_smile: this will correct the texture position and your rotation will stay as it should be.