Texture export on Ogre isn't going right

Until recently I was trying to keep my models to .blend and convert them to j3o however the blender importer wouldn’t import in my animations which ogre does correctly. So now I’m trying to move over to Ogre, one problem though my material isn’t wrapping correctly [as you can see here: Dropbox - File Deleted ].

My model has a UV map and a normal map and diffuse map applied, it worked fine like this when I was importing .blend files however with ogre it creates this…

If anyone can help me find where things are going wrong so I can fix them that would be most appreciated.

Could you post your .blend file or an example of one that doesn’t work? I may be able to help.

It looks like the texture might be flipped. If you open it in the SDK material editor, you can specify that it should flip the texture after loading, to fix the UV mapping.

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Ah beautiful, thanks a lot Momoko_Fan :smiley:

Just for my own knowledge, why is it that this happens? Is it a problem with blenders ogre exporter or something else beyond our control? Or could we fix it by changing JMonkey src?

I am not sure, I haven’t actually encountered this issue with ogre models before.