Texture has random colors?

I’ve modeled a dot sight for my game, and when I try to render it with it’s texture I’ve made, I can see the seems in the texture (I did it on purpose to line up the texture right) but the colors are all wrong. I can tell the texture is correctly positioned, because each seem is in the right spot, and some of the highlighted edges I left are in the right spot, they’re just not the right color. How do I get this fixed? The texture is a .PNG file, should I use a different file type? The model is .OBJ.

EDIT: Well, upon changing some settings in the material’s file, I find out my video card is the problem. It’s randomly rendering parts darker than the others. I fly around the model, and it flickers dark and light, and the color on it changes at random, but it’s all grayscale, like it’s rendering shadows that aren’t actually there. I’ll try it on my non-work computer and see how it works.

Make sure you are running the latest stable version of the JME beta.

I need to update to the nightly :stuck_out_tongue: but the video card has problems with the rest of my setup and the drivers I have installed are disfunctional.There was no problem on my gaming computer, running ATI Radeon HD4350. It’s my video card, and I’ve bought a new one. Thanks though!

Sometimes this kind of flickering is a result of uninitialized variables or vertex attributes picking up random garbage. nVidia seems to implicitly zero out these sorts of things where as ATI lets whatever uninitialized memory is there bleed through.

That’s why I asked about how up to date you were. If these are standard JME shaders being used in a standard way… and if you are fully up to date with stable… then it may not be what I described since clearly other people are running on ATI cards with this setup without issue.

Though maybe knowing what shaders/materials were involved might be helpful if it is the problem.