Texture Light Problem

I am creating a maze where floor consists of quads and walls are boxes. When lightning is off everything is ok. when i enable lightning the connection points of boxes do some strange effects especially during camera movement.

First of all is there any place where i can upload a screenshot?

Secondly any help is appreciated![/img]

Do you mean you see cracks? This usually happens when your depth buffer is too small. Try increasing it to 16 bits (from our rather small default of 8) and that should help.

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problem exists even with 32bit depth!

it seems like it tries to draw the texture of the hidden sides of the boxes!

How large do you have your frustum far set to? The larger you have it set, the more issues with depth buffering (which is what you are seeing) you’ll have. You can fix it by using smaller coordinates and a closer far side, or you’ll have to use joined geometry rather than individual blocks.