Texture Look strange after re sizing quad?

I have created a quad, and applied a texture to it. This works fine, but since i want to attach it to the GUI node, i need it to re-size with the screen resolution, so when i try to re-size it based on the resolution, the texture looks very strange:

Here is the code:

[java]public void drawUI() {
Material mat1 = new Material(assetManager, “Common/MatDefs/Misc/Unshaded.j3md”);
TextureKey ToolBar = new TextureKey(
“Textures/UI/ToolBar1.png”, false);
Texture ToolBarTex = assetManager.loadTexture(ToolBar);
ToolBarTex.getImage().setHeight(settings.getHeight() / 10);
ToolBarTex.getImage().setWidth(settings.getWidth() / 3);
Quad q = new Quad(ToolBarTex.getImage().getWidth(), ToolBarTex.getImage().getHeight());
Geometry g = new Geometry(“ToolBar”, q);
g.setLocalTranslation(settings.getWidth() - ToolBarTex.getImage().getWidth() - 1 , 1, 0);

Thank you

As you can see, the image is stretched out, but the size appears correctly.

What should it look like? Can you post the texture?

Should the texture be repeating itself instead of stretching?