Texture misbehaves when using HardwareSkinning

Hey guys, got a problem with hardwareskinning :frowning: .

Without hardwareskinning the model looks fine:

but using hardwareskinning the model looks like this:

And this is all over the model, not just the face. The model was made in blender and the issue cannot reproduced with the Jaime model from jme, so i’d guess the problem is somewhere between Blender and jme SDK.

Any suggestions?

mhh, weird.
I guess the texture coordinates have something special that the HW skinning pipeline doesn’t handle properly…
Did you use the blender loader, or did you use orge pipeline?

For further investigation we would need the model itself…

I’ve just imported the blend file into the jme SDK and then loaded the generated j3o file via the HW Skinning demo. Can i send you the file via private message?

ok, could you try to import it with the ogre pipeline and see if you still have the issue?

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Success! :slight_smile:

The texture was y flipped so i had to load it via:
mat.setTexture(“ColorMap”, assetManager.loadTexture(new TextureKey("…", false)));

Thanks nehon! If you wanna play around with it i’ve sent you the private message. Just don’t share it :smiley:

Little addition: we think the blend to j3o pipeline generates too much vertices.

Compare the following pics:

j3o 1000 models: http://prntscr.com/4d27n7
ogre 1000 models: http://prntscr.com/4d2779

Triangles stay the same, vertices are higher for j3o.


@Kaelthas recently talked about a new triangulation algorithm in the work for the blender loader. It may have some impact on this. Now for the texture issue, I guess there are some things that goes wrong in the blender loader (maybe just some HW skinning buffers that are not initialized properly idk). I guess the Uv’s are correct or you’d have the same issue in software mode.
Btw for the flipping issue, you can make a j3m material and just check the flip checkbox if you don’t want to do it in code. (or add the keyword flip in the j3m text file : ColorMap path/to/the/texture flip)

could you upload or send me the model as well ?
I will test it against new triangulation algorithm and see how it works.

I will check out how the new algorithm will affect the verts amount and the HW skinning.

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@Kaelthas sent you the filelink in a private message as well.

I have commited the triangulation modifier so please check your model with the new feature.

Unfortunately I couldn’t see any texture on the model even thoug I saw that it was loaded. And it was alike woth both new and old version of the code.

If it doesn’t work as expected - please let me know.

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@Kaelthas As i’m being unable to build the SDK via Ant … when is the fix going into the download version of the SDK?

I have no idea I think you need to ask SDK developers about it.

But you could switch the SDK to nightly builds. Then you will have the latest nightly builds of all plugins - including blender plugin.