Texture problem on model whiout define texture

For some reason I can’t seem to make the model texture work. It was build using blender and it already ad problem cause it was looking for the blender render while the guy who did the work only did the cycles render. I used ogre to get pass that but it don’t seem to work in the end. How can I get it too work?

Also the model don’t have texture, anywyere. It seem like everything was direcly paint on the model.

Hi there!

Just a suggestion, due to my lack of knowledge. Maybe the guy who made the model only “textured” it with materials instead of real textures. I saw that in some tutorial-videos. Blender is choosing a white material for all missing materials. As I said, just a suggestion! Maybe I’m completely wrong.

The model looks nice! :chimpanzee_smile:
Maybe you applied a scaling factor > 1f to it, so that it shines so bright?

How did you configure the Material?
Did you set “useVertexColors” ?

In Blender, you could also bake the textures. But for this step you would first need to UV map it.
And maybe you might want to reduce the number of polygons by mesh simplification too.
How many triangles does this model have? (see Blender: number of faces (F)).

Show me blender UV editor screen or attach blend. If this is this model what I’m remeber, you need to bake textures > (probably need) change to Blender Internal > Make material > Add baked texture.

to unwrap your model use U key in edit mode and choose lightmap pack. Not good but sufficient :slight_smile:

[quote=“Tankwart, post:2, topic:34154”]
I saw that in some tutorial-videos. Blender is choosing a white material for all missing materials
[/quote] As i said its not the basic texture its the one ogre took. Actully when it had no texture JME put it all black.

I guess i could try but the problem is i never actully apply or control the texture. Its on the model itself, somehow connected whit it

Is that hard? xD Cause am really really bad whit 3D, am much more of an coding guy :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway i guess it could enlarge my field of knowlage x) So maybie later

But for now i have made a funny discovery. Playing whit the model I was able to change the main frame texture whit something completly random and it don’t have that white wierd felling anymore. I’ll send some result later but it seem like JME could not read the texture correcly, and this is why it look so white.