Texture problem with CameraGameState and SimpleGame

Dear guys,

I have 1 model in 3DS with the texture. When I load it and attach to the rootnode of SimpleGame, it is displayed ok. But, when I attacht it to the rootnode of CameraGameState, the texture is disappeared, I only see the white color of whole model. What different between SimpleGame and CameraGameState in loading model eventhough I copied the same code

I am a complete noob here, but I think I have seen a similar question where the solution was just adding lighting to the scene? I might be totally wrong though.

Maybe SimpleGame calls Spatial.updateRenderState() for you while StandardGame doesn't? You need to call that method for any state changes to show up.

Dear guys,

I always call updateRenderState for Spatial by the time I load the model. I'm trying to get the solution

CameraGameState does not have a light state associated by default. You might want to check DebugGameState to see how it adds the lighting to the GameState.