Texture question

I was wondering if there was anyway in jme to set the GL_TEXTURE_COMPARE_MODE to GL_COMPARE_R_TO_TEXTURE_ARB and GL_TEXTURE_COMPARE_FUNC to GL_LEQUAL.  I only ask because i hate just calling directly to lwjgl i feel like i'm defeating the purpose of jme if i'm just gonna make calls straight to lwjgl.  Ya know?

As far as I can see there is no method to set GL_TEXTURE_COMPARE_MODE via jME (the lwjgl constant is not used within jME). And you are right, it somewhats defeats the purpose of an abstraction layer (jME) if you call the implementation (lwjgl) directly. So when you know where and how it should be put into jME, you can submit a patch here to incorporate it. Maybe even a dev can have a look at how to do it (but that should not be me as I don't even know what GL_TEXTURE_COMPARE_MODE does ).

It's a 1.4 extension, I've seen it used to do GLSL shadowmapping…  As to where it should go in the engine, hmm…


forget what i posted in a total different state of mind.  Only idea that stands would be do Texture.texParameter(GL_TEXTURE_COMPARE_MODE,GL_COMPARE_R_TO_TEXTURE_ARB)

it should be able to grab is the texture is 2D or 1D or what ever.  Still alot of busy work of getting contrants and stuff over to jme but i'm sure you can find help(PM if you would like help)