Texture settings problem

Hi there to all jME people.

I have a problem with Texture settings. When I try to edit the settings for example

the Apply fnc or these

private int combineFuncRGB;

  private int combineFuncAlpha;

  private int combineSrc0RGB = ACS_TEXTURE;

  private int combineSrc1RGB = ACS_PREVIOUS;

  private int combineSrc2RGB = ACS_CONSTANT;

I don'tget update on texture. Please I think this might be my graphics card, but I can say it used

to work!

This is very strange.


So just so I understand correctly, the texture is already in use in your scene and you are altering the combine funcs and it doesn't seem to affect the texture?

Yes that is correct.

This used to work, but now it is not working anymore.

Hmm, I'll look at making a simple test to check this.