TextureBuffer in a model

Hi all another time ^^,

my new goal is setting up a textureBuffer like in the plane in testing parallax;

My teapot dont get well Height map… maybe i need to export better from 3ds?

Is it possible use a tweak like the plane?

        FloatBuffer tex1 = createTextureBuffer(new Vector2f(1f, 0f));
        FloatBuffer tex2 = createTextureBuffer(new Vector2f(0f, 1f));

        TextureState tPlane = Material.getTextureState( new String[]{"data/textures/rockwall2.png", "data/textures/rockwall_normal2.png", "data/textures/rockwall_height2.png"} );
        Quad plane = new Quad("plane", 1000f, 1000f);
        plane.setTextureBuffer(0, tex1, 1);
        plane.setTextureBuffer(0, tex2, 2);

public static FloatBuffer createTextureBuffer(Vector2f vector)
        FloatBuffer textureBuffer = BufferUtils.createVector2Buffer(4);
        for (int x = 0; x < 4; x++) textureBuffer.put(vector.x).put(vector.y);
        return textureBuffer;

The shot of the teapot: