Textured TriMesh that is in the dark is Painted Blue


I am generating 3D floor plans using jMonkeyEngine.

My problem is that when I display the result the faces (of TriMesh) that are supposingly in the "shadow" are rather painted blue and they actually change color from blue to red (it is not solid blue it is a texture with blue overlay). Please see attached PrintScreen. Any idea why my scene is rendered like this?

I appreciate any help!

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One of the discovery is that this problem is there only when i import some models into the scene. When I keep only generated content the shadows are rendered correctly.


check the material states of the imported model…

could be something going on there…

Yes,…I think that as well! Check the ambient-value from the material and the light-sources

Isn't this the same issue that I mentioned here


and Blaine here:



Snareoj2's fix works for me in the FlagRush example, so maybe someone should update MaterialState.java in the JME source? Or is there some reason

public static final MaterialFace defaultMaterialFace = MaterialFace.Front;

shouldn't be set to FrontAndBack?