TextureKey is null with BinaryImporter

I try to switch from JMEBinaryReader to BinaryImporter, but whatever I do I get the following message:

com.jme.util.TextureManager.loadTexture TextureKey is null, cannot load

I tried to set the image location as I did with the jme binary class and the TextureKey.setOverridingLocation() but without any luck.

Currently I have:

tex.setImageLocation("file:/" + filename); // filename is just the name without path
TextureKey.setOverridingLocation(new URL("file:" + model)); // model is the full path to the model

It looks like it needs the location in a very special format but what?

Sounds like it could be related to a bug with TextureManager's cached key. If it pulled a cached texture it wasn't properly getting the key out (hence null). I have this fixed at work and will check it in Monday.