TextureRenderer with smoothest (MM_LINEAR_LINEAR) mipmap setting?

i have a TextureRenderer which i'm using for a sort of "magnifying glass" widget in my game's HUD. i have it working fine. except i can't get the smoothest mipmap settings to work–mipmap set to MM_LINEAR_LINEAR and filter set to FM_LINEAR. it just shows a random image and then doesn't update w/ my render cycle. 

it does work if i set the mipmap setting to MM_LINEAR. but then the image isn't properly anti-aliased. it's pixelated a little and looks low-resolution.

any suggestions on how to get a fully anti-aliased image via TextureRenderer?

       texturerenderer = display.createTextureRenderer(resolution, resolution, TextureRenderer.RENDER_TEXTURE_2D);
       tScreen = new Texture();
//       tScreen.setMipmapState(Texture.MM_LINEAR_LINEAR); //this setting doesn't work
       tScreen.setMipmapState(Texture.MM_LINEAR); //this setting works
       tsScreen = display.getRenderer().createTextureState();

I guess mipmaps are handled incorrectly, MM_LINEAR should have disabled mipmaps but have linear minification filter.

2.0 handles it better because the enumeration details which settings use mipmaps and which do not.