Textures and models

Hey everyone!

I have been reading the forums quite intensely the last month, however this is my first post - so first of all I would like to say: Good job on jME!!!  :smiley:

Now on to something I have seen go unanswered in a couple posts:

I am using 3ds models for my levels. And the textures look really awful (blocky/grainy). Since antialiasing does not seem to have any larger effect on it I have tracked it down to that the only solution probably is in this:




So now to the million dollar question. How do I change this for all the textures on a 3DS model that have the textures already mapped?

Made it into milkshape models which solved the problem.  :smiley: :smiley:

Glad you solved your problem, and welcome to jME. :slight_smile:

actually he didn't solve the problem, he did workaround…

if anyone knows how to solve it please write a few pointers, doesn't has to be something detailed