Textures anomalies

I have a strange issue that I can’t seem to iron out…

As you can see, for some reason the quads of the tree’s and grass are displaying strange artefacts. It is not related to shadows. If I disable the shadows the same problem occurs, it is just less prominent. The “transparent areas” around the grass also cause other things to become invisible.

I’ve tried setting various RenderQueue.Bucket settings, and it doesnt seem to get rid of the problem. I’ve spent a few hours now fiddling with various other settings to no avail :frowning:

Here is the code I use to create the grass:

Use the AlphaDiscardThreshold as a material parameter instead of the alphaFalloff (will fix the shadow issue).
Then it looks like you have some sorting issue. You should place your quads in the transparent bucket (although it shouldn’t be necessary once you use the discard threshold)

you shot, you scored. Thanks a bunch <3