TextureState by Texture[]

Hi all,

I have write a method that load in a texture state 1 or more texture from a String[].

All works fine, but textures overlapping bad,… whats wrong?

ummm. i think that's the point of multitexturing ("overlapping").

if you want to use those textures in different places, you will have to create a TextureSate for each of them.

yes, i use it in that way…

I explain better:

this work well:

public static TextureState getParallaxTextures( String diffuse, String height, String normal)

how exactly does the method fail? (screenshots could probably be useful)

Yes, sorry… maybe is better than 1000 words :smiley:

with getParallaxTextures():

with getTextureState(String[])

Same textures and shader…

No, … herm, looking well is that my fault!

Looking screen and thinking about wrong shadow projection i found my error.

In first I have used that:

getTextureState( String[] {diffuse, height, normal} );

traslated by method getParallax(diffuse, height, normal);

but the right way is:

getTextureState( String[] {diffuse, normal, height} );

all works fine now…

Thanks a lot ^^