Texturing a model

I have created a model and UV mapped it in blender + created a texture (colorMap) in gimp.

In blender the texture works good.

In jMonkey when applying the texture it crashes whit the error “Material parameter is not defined: ColorMap”

As I’m using the nighties I thought that it may be a spelling problem as there is a parameter named ColorRamp

and tried to use that instead, however my model only gets black.

Is the problem on mine or your side? If it’s on mine, what am I doing wrong?

You using lighting? if so its called “DiffuseMap”

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Now I feel reel stupid 8O

its ok i always feel stupid


btw, why you make it in code, not just make j3m file and load it?

in j3m file you see effect

@wezrule good :slight_smile: Maybe Hello Materials could be a little bit more clear on that point.

@oxplay2 I usually do before everything is done (bumpmap, better texture, etc.). I don’t know why.