Texturing heightmap based game terrain

Hey guys, newbie to jME here.

How would I go about creating some terrain from a heightmap and paint 'tiles' to it?

Looking over the API reference for TerraignBlock/Page dosent seem to shine any light on it. Had a look at a few tutorials and they seem to focus more on creating textures based on height which would make for quite a boring map…

Perhaps I could use a heightmap, just for texturing and feed it into ProceduralTextureGenerator then a second heightmap for the actual terrain heights, but this still has its limitations. Any other suggestions or ideas?

Hello and welcome CraftyHermit

What You describe might come close to "texture splatting", please try a forum search and see if that answers Your question.


have a look at TestTerrainSplatting and TestIsland…

Thanks for a nudge in the right direction, ill take a look :slight_smile: