Texturing modified meshes

Here’s the plan. I’ve been working on an algorithm to slice a mesh up using a plane. I would like to be able to texture in the new triangles, but it occurs that’s not the only problem. I would like to continue using the same texture from the original mesh. So how would I go about reassigning the proper texcoords to the new indices and how would I account for the texture of the new triangles?

Well depends on how you lay out the mesh. A texture coordinate holds the image x/y location for one vertex in values from 0-1. This means multiplying this value by the pixel size of the image will yield the pixel at that location. So according to that you have to organize your texture coordinates per vertex.

OK. But would I be able to add in a second texture?

There is a second texture coord set, so basically you could use that for multitextureing