Texturing using image sequence with separate files containing alpha information

Hi all,

trying mapping using an image sequence I got into some trouble on alpha channels. To have a fast update I am using a BufferedImage array containing multiple frames which works well. But after didnt get a tga or tiff loader working I decided to separate alpha and color into 2 jpg files.

Trying to combine the alpha and the color file I get quite strange results because there are some problems relating to the channels I think. One time I got a correct alpha but no color information as you can see here -> http://wsftm.org/transfer/nocolor.png

The other time - switching alpha and src I got a colored image but a wrong alpha channel -> http://wsftm.org/transfer/wrongalpha.png

Well, so I am quite confused how to get the sequence working … :?

Maybe there is somebody who has an idea hot to solve … I’ll appreciate any help. Below is the code - parts of - I am currently working with

Have you considered using png with color and alpha?

thx for your reply. Switching to TGA I changed the loading process to an array of jme.Image. Now I am using a dummy texture which gives me the image data. So I have all I want to have a animated texture out of the image sequence.