The art connection

<cite>@matomma said:</cite> Hi @mifth! Sorry for the delay, but I had to figure out how to approach texturing. But now I have textured the torso :). See the images below. I have used a normal map and a diffuse map, rendered in real time using Blender GLSL mode (with two lights in the environment). Next, I will similarly texture the pants.

Perhaps it’s simpler if I remove the shoulder pads, to have less different parts. But I am not yet sure how to combine the torso and pants for animation later, because I would like to texture them separately (and keep their textures separated). One possible solution is to rig them both to the same skeleton, and then export them separately (in Ogre format). In Java we can then say they have to share the same skeleton (this is possible). What do you think?

Hello man. Looks good. I’m on vacation during 2 weeks. Cannot write too often yet. :slight_smile:
You can make one texture for entire body.
Anyway, no problems with animations will be.

If anyone wants to help me with modelling/animations I would be more than happy :slight_smile:

For starters, I’ve found rigged astronaut model on some website, if you can make walking/running animations it would be a great start.