The current haps

Just to let you know that work is still going on. :slight_smile: It’s been a little dead in here lately.

I’m working on the curve stuff right now, and man it’s turning out to be a lot more of an undertaking than I first thought.

Arman has put a bunch more stuff in CVS, including a cool demo with a moving box and 3D music coming from the box.

Things are progressing just not visibly. :slight_smile:

Great point. The build.xml is old… that definately needs to be updated. Just one of those things that has slipped my mind.

You are more than welcome to help.

You can could go about this in two ways:

You can improve upon exisiting jME classes. Something not do something they way you’d like, improve it. This would diffently help you learn the system.


You can contribute new code. Basically, if there is anything you are interested in, dive in. I’m not going to stop you from contributing anything you want.

The only caveat is you need to submit the code to me and I’ll put it into CVS. Do that a few times, and I’ll upgrade you to Developer and you can directly submit to CVS.

Feel free to let me know what you are comfortable with.

I’ll look into the build.xml ASAP.

Ok, I changed build.xml seems to work for me. Try it out.

That would be cool. But don’t use the old jme particle system, it kind of sucked.

I’m going to start a new topic re: particle systems so we can discuss how to design it. Go there.

I’m still alive :wink: - just not much time at the moment - hope to get some proper time to catch up in 3/4 weeks.

Looking forward to the terrain. The version 0.1 terrain generators were cool - especially compared to some other engines.

I’m looking forward to terrain too… especially since I have some ideas for it that I’m itching to work out.

Terrain Pages will be used. Meaning you can have a collection of heightmaps that are seperate files, but joined (that is 1.raw, might be north of 2.raw). Terrain will load pages (heightmaps) dynamically as needed and unload those no longer needed. Meaning you can have HUGE terrain with good rendering speed. This is similar to what Dark Age of Camelot does. Huge world, no load times.

But before I get there, I need to finish BezierSurfaces, model loading and animation and level of detail.

level of detail will help Terrain greatly and BezierSurfaces will allow it to be smoothed out.

Ok, CurveController is finished. Meaning bezier curves are finished. CurveController is the first controller written for jME. More will be coming for animation, morphing, texture animation, etc. So feedback about how it’s used would be nice. The TestBezierCurve is in it’s final forms so you can see how it might be used.

Bezier Surfaces coming up…