The distinction between setJumpSpeed, setFallSpeed, and setGravity for a CharacterControl

Hey everyone,

I was just wondering how those 3 things mentioned in the title work together. I’ve played around with them and have seen that by lowering jumpSpeed I can’t jump as high and by lowering gravity I fall with a smaller acceleration. My question is how does fallSpeed work in here? What’s the difference between it and gravity? Is jumpSpeed the initial speed straight up (thus a smaller speed causes a smaller height gain)?

Thanks for the clarifications (the javadocs were rather undocumented :P),


Yeah, the bullet character and how it simulates the physics is a book with seven seals ^^ Actually you just have to try around, there is no specific “physic” explanation for whats going on, let me tell you that most stuff is dependent on the accuracy of the physics space.

Haha, okay. Well I guess I won’t worry about it too much then.

Thanks again :slight_smile: