The dome class is missing a constructor

The folowing constructor should be in the dome class, some of it's features can not be accessed simply with out it.

     /** Constructs a dome. All geometry data buffers are updated automatically.
     * Both planes and radialSamples increase the quality of the generated dome.
     * @param name
     *            Name of the dome.
     * @param center
     *            Center of the dome.
     * @param planes
     *            The number of planes along the Z-axis.
     * @param radialSamples
     *            The number of samples along the radial.
     * @param radius
     *            The radius of the dome.
     * @param outsideView
     *            If true, the triangles will be connected for a view outside of
     *            the dome.
    public Dome(String name, Vector3f center, int planes, int radialSamples,
            float radius,boolean outsideView) {

        setData(center, planes, radialSamples, radius, true, outsideView);

Thanks! Committed.