The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Have you seen The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 's latest screen shots! These looks sick… 8O

Haven’t been so excited about a game for a long time :D:D

You should take a look at The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

You -will- drool all over your keyboard. Except for a very steep combat learning curve (that is extremely satisfying when you start mastering it), this game is what RPGs should be. BioWare has 0, nothing, nada on CD Projekt RED. This is on par with the stuff that Bethesda makes, could even be better but it’s hard to know since Skyrim isn’t out yet…

wow, looks amazing.

Building myself a gaming machine for the summer…this one’s on my list for sure!

What do you think about Flashpoint red river?

I’m playing the witcher 2, and I must say it’s very beautiful.

But…they kind of abused of bloom and depth of field and motion blur, and sometimes it’s a bit disturbing.

Also…I found animated characters a bit clumsy…

And…you can’t invert the mouse Y WTF!! (you can in fact but you have to mess with the config files)

But despite these little flaws the game is really awesome.


Turn off DOF and Blur in the settings. I slightly agree on the bloom for the sky but I think it was necessary to instill a sense of foreboding and mysticism to the forest.

Oh and CD Projekt has announced a patch for next week and there will be an option for mouse inversion. I don’t use that, but good for those that do use it.