The future of realistic game graphics

Today I’ve stumbled upon this video showcasing a realism mod for the new Star Wars Battlefront. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen anything so lifelike running in realtime. This even beats a load of prerendered stuff, hell it even looks better than some holywood special effects!

It just goes to show how far technology’s come to make something like this possible, I can’t even imagine what the future holds…

What I’m amazed by is that this guy got it to run in 4K with 60 fps on a single GTX 980 (with a i7 5960X nontheless).


…i happen to think that photorealism in games is ‘cheapest’ way of progress and very sterile one…i mean, i found it bizarre to see games with tendency to photorealism, and yet AI in modern games today is not far from one in Pacman, decades ago…in fact, im brave to say that considering hardware limitations and generally development tools at that time, pacman is way ahead in AI compared to games today…having said all this, im not really that much impressed with photorealism…after all, with use of V-ray/Max and any engine from DX7 era, capable for lightmapping, you can pull out over 80% of visuals in this video…

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Even with an engine that is capable of rendering such photorealism, gathering and/or creating the textures, models, etc. is a significant challenge. I would be most impressed if this was procedurally generated (It may be, I have no idea – I’ve never played that game so I wouldn’t know if the levels are premade or generated). Although, even if it is premade it is still impressive.

Although, I do agree that it is completely possible to have a good game with non-photorealistic textures.

Well of course graphics don’t make a good game, minimalistic graphics can sometimes be infinitely better. This one is actually pretty mediocre in other aspects - some have even called it repetative and boring. It also seems more and more common that the better the graphics are, the worse the game plays since development is then focused on looks instead of gameplay. It’s sort of sad, really.

AFAIK they’re premade (since is a multiplayer cod style game), but I haven’t played it either so I don’t know for sure.

I agree with you. Seems to be the pattern though doesn’t it… no surprise the game is already struggling player base wise. Graphics graphics graphics. It does look lovely but yeah not a difficult task to pre-render everything once you’ve got the models and stick it in.

If there is a chance to spend weekend for reading:

Especially recommended:
GPU-Driven Rendering Pipelines (about Assasin creed unity)

They told some of the secret that make their games look that good. I don’t know, I wish I have time to implement all those ideas, not to force my self to envy too much or use their engine already.

Was fortunate enough to play Battlefront and I will say it is static in comparison to the previous Battlefield games written in the same engine, but in all the graphics were amazing and was suprisingly well optimized (>60 fpson FX-8350). But I think one can also achieve photorealism by just using post-processing filters as evidenced by this source engine mod:

Ryse also looked really good and played like complete shit. Soon as I watched the trailer for that game I saw how everything comes second to graphics, pure console seller BS game

This is why developers should first make the game itself worth playing, and then focus on graphics. Me, I like games that look great, but if they are boring, I won’t want to play them. And then there are games that I LOVE playing, but the graphics look like a 9th grader modeled them. Games that put both at their best are getting more rare as the years progress.

I know, we are talking about graphics here… As a game developer, we have to sell the game for living. So you can not blame them if they just sold “the look” to earn up the cost making the game. Ideally, we have to come up with two “shit” : the content and the look, to sastify player. It may be not worth to play, but it’s definitely worth to read about how they make them. :slight_smile: Agreed?


Yeah it’s a big part of it I am very interested in the graphics side. But yes I do blame them for focusing too much on graphics, it’s like they’re completely ignoring whats going on in the video games industry, and that’s why it confuses me so much.

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I can not deny that I like the realistic games and it looks better and more pro. but my kids like more cartoony character with funny movement.

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