The IE Test

Okay, so this is what I spend all my time at working playing around with.  Unless you’re a web developer you probably won’t appreciate this like everyone I work with did.

Anyway, give this a try in Firefox and IE:

I’m seeking approval to add this to all the company’s web sites.  :smiley:

lol…the / inside the img tag ?

oh, I see…u made bg transparent in png…

bgcolor not been taken by ie for a table with an image…

oh, no…the infamous non alpha of ie png…well, then only way is using 8bit transparent ones, lol…

certainly, tho we mobile gfx Masters, true experts of The Unknown, know how to make that look rounded… [provided we know the target background color…or use a medium grey antialiasing if it's as crazy as to appear in several backgrounds…]

Oh zing!