The introduction of a jack

Hey! I'm new here. :slight_smile:

Since I'm not entirely stuck yet (it'll take me a lot more effort before I'm willing to ask for help-- it's good for me), I thought I should introduce myself somehow. Voila!

My name is Eliza. I'm a computer jack-of-all-trades-- I have experience in 2d graphics, 3d graphics (3ds max), music, video editing, and java. I've also worked for a game company named Cyan Worlds for two years as a quality control project lead. My art and 3d tends to gravitate toward character design.

(It's all a cover, though. My real specialty is writing fantasy novels.)

Anyway. Here's a few things I've done in the last few years:

Currently I'm teaching a class on java, and we've been looking into making a simple game with JME. I'll be posting the basics when I have something worth showing.


Hi Eliza, be welcome! Nice character…and as you are a 3ds max user  you might use ogre3d for export/import of animated stuff.

We just started to rebuild the wiki but maybe the "new frontpage" is already helpful to you:

Have fun, ToM