The jme toon shadermaterial

um, is there anything special that needs to be done to apply it to a scene, tried to "use it a while back on my working copy of TestWalkingChar and got a black screen no matter what I tried…maybe I’m missing something

There is an issue with the bloom filters and particle effects, on this exact test.

maybe it’s the same issue. Could you try to not attach the particle effect and see if it works please?

I’ll try in the next few days,a little drunk from the days activities and that wont change much until maybe monday…or tuesday :wink:

yep, particle system’s the issue, can it be fixed…like a work around or is it an engine issue that will take time?

well it’s on my todo list :stuck_out_tongue:

But honestly for now i have no clue on how filters and particles can interact with each other this way.