The JME3 .blend importer does inxclude animations?

Hi I’m new here.

It would be very helpful if someone could answer the question in the title.
I’ve searched for it on the internet but could find a good answer (only a answer from 2011).

thanks in advance :^)

Yes, it “inxcludes” animations.

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and when you follow the rules from @Ali_RS it works fine btw. just search the forum…


I have also put them on wiki.
Under Documentation for Advanced Users → Animations and Scenes

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To give a heads up, I redid the wiki page and turned all the static headings into links on the sidebar to make it easier to navigate and paste links.

now works.


Ah, didn’t notice that. Cool, thank you @mitm , you have put so much effort on maintaining wiki. :+1:

thanks :slight_smile: