The little dungeon on the prairie

I really like this.

I'm in a hurry atm but the project sounds like something I'd like to help develop.

Also, are you using/planning to use a voxel-like terrain engine for dungeon excavation etc?

That looks like a fun Project. :slight_smile:

I LOVE Dungeon Keeper.

I would totally help if i had the time to do so, but unfortunately i have some projects to finish myself. :smiley:

Keep up the work!

For some good free resources and places to get in touch with prospective contributors you should have a look at our resources page.

Since you are likely to release this open source anyhow, could you please consider making your docs open? In my own projects I’ve found that openness really attracts talent, because a prospective developer doesn’t have to just trust your marketing speech and put a foot in, but they can actually check out the key designs and plans for your entire project before making up their mind. This transparency is also great for novice developers who just want to observe a project from beginning to end, just getting to see how things are done.

shagros wrote:
the player’s strategy for conquering the outside world will ideally be more of making back-stabbing attacks on human factions, and using guerilla/terror strategies (which for me makes so much sense for 'monsters'). For example, scaring people at night, or poisoning supplies, attacking exchange routes, or managing to foster a climate of mutual defiance/hatred between different factions so that in the end they just kill each other, etc …
I'd love to hear more about how you see this actually working! To me, this is what would make this a game worth playing. It is however far more complex than '<troll> -smashes- <humans> face in for *10 hp*'.

As for the work you need done, I would strongly suggest typing up a proper list of requirements for the one type of talent you need most of all right now to finish some key milestones. On this particular site, you'd best search for a programmer ;)

Looks very cool!!!  Beautiful lighting setup in the room with the candles.  I'm really liking that aesthetic :slight_smile:

I'd like to feature this in the screenshots section, would you be interested in taking a few screen grabs that you feel shows off all your work?

Game concept pdf (8 pages):

Just gimme a few days so that I can improve my throne room, and I'll give you some nice screenshots ! You'll have them by the end of the week !

Here they are !


This looks really interesting. The concept is so hilarious! Best of luck!  :wink:

Totally interested in helping out, drop me a line!

Few updates:

I’m now working on the actual Island modeling. I switched to cel-shading. GOSH THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER FOR MODELING !!! so at last I start to reach some sort of ‘efficiency’ on the modeling side. Hope soon I’ll have a decent  and complete island so that I can start testing my AI !!

Looking good, I like the new art style!  :wink:

duenez said:

Looking good, I like the new art style!  ;)

+1, reminds me of some of the more cartoonish Nintendo 64 games from some years back.  I really miss those days  :)

I have wanted to play a dk3 for so long…

The toon style looks alot nicer, tho why keep the terrain standard? you could apply the toon shader as a post process to smooth things out a bit.

I think the closeup (at normal walking heights) looks quite good but I definitely see what you're saying on the wider shots where you can see more of the texture…

Yep, I'll be trying to turn the terrain into toon shading as well. But definitely need to improve the "inside the forest" effect. Unfortunately at this right moment I cannot continue the dev as would like (due to other urgent priorities). So at this moment, except the characters meshes (that I'm outsourcing), it's not moving much. Hopefully I will resume the work in 2-3 months …