The Music Explorer

I’m working on a jMonkeyEngine-based rich internet app for exploring and discovering music.  It is still early days, but I really like what is possible with jme!

Here’s a video:

And some screenshots:

Thats cool, with an engine like jME you are very flexible in displaying such content.

Do you plan to deploy it as applet, webstart  or standalone app ?

Awesome  :slight_smile: Reminds me a lot of Cooliris.

Small suggestion: Turn on antialiasing, it will make things look a lot better. :wink:

I agree, looks really sharp (but AA would help the pixelated edges of your pics) :slight_smile:

Wow, I think it's great. An excellent idea, I would definitely use it if I were able to browse the music and add to play queue. I can identify an album by it's cover faster than by it's name so it makes sense to me.

It reminded me of BumpTop3d ( where you get a 3d representation of your file system and can interact physically with files, a cross-platform implementation would be great though, maybe you can ideas from BumpTop's features.

Keep up the good work! Are you planning on releasing some code ?