The ”New MMORPG” Programmer’s Flowchart


Just some humor for third Monday (Wednesday). I saw another MMORPG post so I just had to do it this time. This idea had been baking in my mind for a while, and this is a first draft of sorts. Hope it at least gives you a chuckle.

Disclaimer: In no way discouraging the programming of MMORPG’s, only stating the obvious pitfalls of jumping headfirst into the maw of a giant beast that eats souls for breakfast.

EDIT: Got it fixed. New version again… Missed a line off of a No.




hehe. Thanks guys :smiley: Feel free to do whatever you like with it. I originally made it in word so the workmanship/quality is not that great, but it’s all I got here at work.

@baalgarnaal : Fixed! Thanks! :smiley: And really, if you were that would be sorta awesome. I sorta chuckle at the idea of an MMO based completely off of sketchy objects and stick figures. If done right, that could be hilariously entertaining. It’d be like, Scribblenauts the MMO. :stuck_out_tongue:



Made my day. Thank you.

Something tells me I’m gonna be linking back to this post a lot. Might even add this to the wiki xD

Awesome, this is really great @tehflah :smiley:

We really gotta add this to the wiki ^^

I uhhhh…

You caught me, I was working on the stick figure mmo! Tho I couldn’t reach that block because I can actually model everything myself, plus I got stuck on the tea block after that, really…

Just noted tho there is no line into the question in the bottom left, your chart became unclear! Nooo!

Well actually I got the idea and I got a model (should finish animating it tho) but it got stuck somewhere between loads of other small challenges I 'd like to tackle myself and working it out a bit more. Did work out lots of shading stuff to get it going tho, the cartoon filter and some other stuff turned out to be enough, just turned it into a 3D person shooter with the ability to cover along walls and peak around corners, kind of Mass Effect in a drawn world :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to work it out a bit more, let me know, I think we can get one hell of a joke kind of game, got plenty of ideas for it :wink: (that includes starting over as I’d prefer another control system for an mmo-type of game, duck, peak and cover is a bit much to start with, could always copy it into it later on :P)

Oh btw, there is no ‘NO’ option on the bottom left in the chart :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, the lack of a ‘NO’ there was intentional. Same goes for the right side one. There’s a lot of joke flowcharts like this around the internet. This is just a strategy to use in the joke to force a path :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, sounds neat, but I’m pretty strapped for time these days. I barely have time to work on my project, and I’m not really that great of a programmer (even though it’s my job wtf… But writing C code in 2011 is wtf in itself) so I’d probably fall down into the “Doomed to failure” path anyway :stuck_out_tongue: Sounds like you’ve really got it going on in your code though. Keep it up!


Actuall you can substitue the modle skills with money, by buing good models.


I thumbed you up twice because this is awesome!!!

So when does “Awesome Stick Figure Adventure The MMORPG” come out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great! :smiley: Love it.

Is the Yes arrow from “Can any of them draw better than stick figures” intentionally going to “Stick figures MMO”? Or is it an oversight? I personally would’ve brought it to “Really?” but hey, it’s your chart! :wink:

Hello again!

hah, you’re probably right. That would make more sense. I’ll try to get that modification in sometime this week. Somewhat slammed atm. :<