The new monkey

A lot of developers and designers coming to this site and seeing that new monkey monstrosity will be turned off. The pea green is bad enough, and that the site is written in PHP, but why on Earth did you guys approve that ugly monkey?

Shit, I can’t rate -1 -.-.

I like the monkey. I think he’s a lot better than the old “Go away! We don’t want you here.” monkey that the site had before.

same :frowning:

Edit: dam u @pspeed, posting a millisecond earlier than me

My last name is “speed” after all.

Crap… I can’t thumbs-up @pspeed

and i can’t thumbs down him, at least the universe sorts itself out in the end.


I think it’s funny that the forum directory ( is disfunctionally ugly (the topic name and the unread status could not be farther apart unless they were on separate screens) and we hang out and debate the relative merits of monkey facial expressions. :slight_smile:

here at jmonkey, we pride ourselves on doing the important things first, so we’re gonna figure out why PC > mac, why the monkey has a rape face and why we cannot thumbs down people, and if we have time after that, then maybe we’ll consider improving the sdk and user interface.

Just died laughing

I actually think this is all a result of latent but subtle and unresolved rage because it’s just so hard to read the forums. Every time I scan the forum for new messages there’s a small part of my brain that wants to break something. That’s bound to spill over into posts. :slight_smile: I mean, why else would @normen of all people start his own troll thread? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And actually, it does seem that the number of posts has fallen off in general since the switch over… but maybe I’m imagining things. Maybe it’s just the number that I’m actually interested in reading that has fallen off. :slight_smile:

Yeah, self-inflicted pain due to latent aggressions :wink:

yeh we’re all having “thumbs up” withdrawal symptoms, its understandable

Fuck thumbs man :evil:.

thumbs anymore and edit post anymore and bump posts always :evil::D.

Ya… I dunno. The old monkey sorta reminds me of the whole “Challenge Accepted” meme floating around while this one has got the whole “Rape Face” going. I’m waiting for when it’ll flip to a monkeyed version of the Troll Face to complete the meme trifecta. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, and about the “Serious Monkey, Serious Engine”? That monkey has a troll face 8).

This monkey is pretty serious:

pc61.jpg (image)

And let me just say that it pleases me to no end that I can plug “monkey with a monocle” into google and get results. :slight_smile:

And because lately all of my art seems to be whiteboard art, here is another serious monkey (20 seconds of whiteboard doodling):