The new name for jMonkey Engine should be

I'm not quite sure yet myself...

Lol  :stuck_out_tongue:

Didnt see the option for JKE

I'm currently working on the UnstableEngine and it's going to rule all things including llamas and monkeys!  :evil:

********** Disclaimer *************

The above posting was intended for entertainment purposes only.  This message holds no claim to or knowledge of an existing or future product by the name of "UnstableEngine".  Any references to "rule all things" is sarcasm and should not be taken literally.  No llamas or monkeys were harmed in the writing of this post.

…hopefully I've covered my butt now. :-p



[JOKE]—>  after…what's a llama but a tunned/modified goat… :wink: ;)  <---- [JOKE]

It was a joke, after all, I have images of  llamas in all my home walls, to inspire me :smiley:

lol, the llama and the frog in same thread…looks like one of those educative tales … :wink:

Hmmm…that gives me an idea for a new game…sort of like "Alien vs Predator" except "Frog vs Llama".  The frog has "Ultra Jump", "Razor Tongue", "Infect with Warts", and "Croak" while the Llama only has "Make hideous noises" and "Stink". :-p

I guess it wouldn't be all that much fun…at least for the person playing the llama.  :roll:


I guess you never heard of the Thunder Spit?

Ya know guys, in a twisted kinda way, you've got a game idea developing here…

yup, Llamas vs Frogs…The two species have been fighting through last 3,000 years for the control of the universe…

llamas focused in developing their plasma spit, able to make it travel faster than light speed, converting the plasma into a paralell universe particles with negative mass, to which if you substract energy, they go faster…

Luckily for the frogs, these green jumping aliens got the ability of jumping across the universe with hyperjumps, armed each one with an Stephen Hawking's book, they got the deal of the jumps…Lllamas are trying to get one of those books (at Amazon's galaxy)  , 'cause they admit they're making the universe a bit of a mess with so much plasma hyper-spit. Indeed, it's told that in the so far away little world called earth, many scientist are yet doing weird theories about the freaking black spots…which are indeed the result of the spits… Just a vowel letter would save so many years of expensive human investigation…

But after all, they're nothing against the power of the Thoughtful Monkey ™. And there are even more animals.


was fun to write such a dumb post . :smiley: :smiley:

armed each one with an Stephen Hawking's book...