The One-Mesh Dilemma

Hey Guys,
after facing other problems I came back to my asset/models Problems.
For Performance and Implementation reasons it’s mandatory to have all my animated models be one huge mesh.

My Problem is, in Blender, they are always composited of multiple meshes. Why a dilemma then?
With one Mesh comes one Material, but how could something complex as a human be only built by one Material?

I have two issues here: I can’t enable/disable custom parts of the mesh anymore because the underlying mesh is deleted and It comes to errors with every transparency related part (as I can’t assign a different material).

For a performance side this would be great, I could have 1 Material, 1 Texture Atlas, 1 Control but how could I achieve that? Are there other hacks or is that a tradeoff between performance and quality?

The color, normal and specular maps make up the different “materials” as they’re visible, thats just one “Material” on the GL side, transparency is just the alpha value.

And how can I set different “BlendModes”?
For example the hair uses alpha values and their transparency however like the skin used to have problems when I used that “mode”, I needed AlphaBlend None (or something), because the skin didn’t provide real alpha or something?

Anyway: Do you know a tool which automatically generates such “texture atlasses” for blender or is that maybe even possible for make human directly (using special settings or a plugin?)

Their docs/irc isn’t really active.

You’re mixing up making models for games and making models for rendering.

Why that? You mean MakeHuman is rather made for Rendering than for Gaming?
It should be able to convert them in Blender though? Maybe not that performant because of a high-vert-count but at least realistic.

You can have several geom for one model. It’s not forbidden. Especially in the case you mention : transparency. Hair are most often a separated geom in the transparent bucket.
Of course 1 mesh is better for optimisation, but 2 or 3 per model is not that much.

You simulate high poly count using normal maps in games. MakeHuman has dedicated meshes for gaming purposes.