The Savable interface and class inheritance

Okay, so I’m using the Savable interface to save/load objects with the implemented methods. However, what do I do if I have a child class which shares the same routine for saving and loadng as the parent class, but adds a few extra details? The parents methods are “closed”, I cannot get the same capsule that was used by the parent, so calling like is useless because I won’t be able to add to the capsule… any ideas how I do this?

One way would be for the method to return the capsule, but it is void is not useless, it doesn’t matter if you save the parent classes data as the parent classes capsule as long as you save your childs data in your capsule as well.

Ah, so I just use separate capsules for that… I see… so, getCapsule(ref) probably just fetches the same capsule that was used for the parent since it can refer to it knowing what ref is pointing to…