The SDK converts to j3o do not work after blender update

Hi, it’s me again.
When I try to convert .obj or even .blend to .j3o I got always error messages, even with Models they have already converted in former time. So for example there is a model, I still have the exported .obj and .mtl. The conversion works fine, nut if I create anew export from that model, the conversation ends up in a ClassCasException, because the texture isn’t found (its located in Directory Models and in the Directory Textures).

My first thought had been that my blender was updated. has somebody familiar problems?

We can’t see them from here.

Of all of the useful information in an exception, you have included essentially none of it.

ClassCastException has nothing to do with textures not being found.

Please include the actual information for your errors or no one will be able to help.

The BlenderImporter stopped working with Blender 2.8, it’s technically SDK unrelated and won’t continue working.
Use the GLTF Explorer in Blender and then import that in the SDK/Engine


Thanks for your quick responses, I just managed the convert.
@PSPEED I have not add the exception trace, because I thought that I maybe miss something quite essential (such as “Dakchaos” mentonend to use GLTF

But then don’t even mention the exception. When you leave out 99.9% of the useful information then it doesn’t matter. You might as well just say “I have an error please halp!”

If you had included the stack trace then we could answer more clearly about exactly why you had an issue.

.obj should convert without issue. gltf is definitely better. So you solved your problem by avoiding the problem and that’s fine.

In the future, never bother to mention an exception without the stack trace.